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Floral Designer

A lot of companies around the globe hire me for my expertise. Ranging from weddings, Floral expo s and big events. I bring your company to a higher lever with my knowledge and international experience.   


 Styling your shop, showroom or big events, or your home. Just let me customize  your idea. 


Demonstration to promote  the flower industry. Master class, workshops but also traning to train your staff to get the best out off them.



When work meets passion

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My Japan
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Think different
Flower parade
Bring the art a live

Who is

Michael van Namen 

As a Dutch floral designer the sky is the limit!
My work with flowers has been a passion for over 20 years; travelling around the world for 200 days a year makes me get all knowledge I have about this beautifull business.

Every continent has it’s own style and it’s own flowers and it’s own nature.

Creating a magnificent result, together with my customer is the best satisfaction in my work. From New York to Japan, to the Middle East an beautifull Africa. Of course Europe is also a big part of my workingfield.
All of this got me the knowledge I have, and still become every time I travel. I would love to share this with you and make your company get to a higher level.

Traveling the world makes your knowledge big

If we share it together it gets much bigger 



Michael van Namen


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